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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Putting in the A-Team

Optimal crew produces optimal results: 4th place out of 11 starters. But the pesky yellow Morgan-27 beat us out again!

 SP helmed almost the entire race. Gotta keep the remainder of the crew happy! Think I need to spend almost full time as navigator/tactician. For one thing, I can see more of the race.


  1. That Morgan's PHRF rates 168. You have a long way to go.

  2. We had a good night. We got a good start and went to what we thought was the favored side of the course, up against the beach which typically provides a bit of a geographical advantage with the current and wind angle. But it got pretty light in there. The guys in the outside ended up being ahead of us when we came out near Leadbetter, so we were second around the weather mark.

    But we have a pretty experienced group on the boat and have been sailing together for several years. We were patient with good boat handling and waited for an opportunity and passed them once on the downward leg. They split from us again, we came back together and they passed us again. So we positioned ourselves between them and the wind and we passed them again. We got around the weather mark before they did and it was kind of game over because, geographically, in this condition the right side of the course is so favored that once we were able to control the right side of the race course we just protected our position from there and sailed conservatively.

    Even as perfectly we sailed, we didn't win on corrected time.