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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stranded in my Own Slip!

Right in the middle of successful Beer Can and CHRF seasons with two championships in play Psyché's Song has to take her first throw-out because of a dodgy engine. The lesson is, never, never call a mechanic until the engine quits on you. Mike's thinking he's god's gift to power yachts. He says,
Your Yanmar is under-performing.
I know Yanmars.
I'll show you what's wrong.
Let me fix it for you.
Before I could say "If it works, don't fix it," he took the trottle and wiped it out. I didn't need the engine to get to the fucking Islands. Or to Frisco or Baja. I just need it to get back and forth between the start line and the slip. Nothing was wrong 'til that ass hole put 'is hands on my boat. Now He's got me over the barrel. There's a word for that....

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  1. Looks like it's all set to go. Just have to pay the jerk now.