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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Afloat for the First Time in 2011!

Nothing much to write home about. It was a 5.82 nautical mile contest in 2.5 knot (tops) lasting four hours. 24 boats in a mixed-fleet, pursuit race with reversed starts based upon PHRF handicaps. The only interest to me: Good Guys were in one of six Harbor-20's.

Lousy start on my part. The usual explanation holds: I still feel new to this fleet and, not having sorted out aggressiveness on the starting line, did not want to risk being pushed over early in a wind lighter than the current. At first the weather mark we were about last. Not having a 3rd hand aboard, the spinnaker was not an issue. Wing-and-winging it, we set off DDW. Two of the H-20's were also not an issue, as they were already out of reach, visible only on the horizon. We duked it out down the first 'run' in the shifty zephyrs and found ourselves contesting for 3rd place among the H-20's. And so it went back and forth up the 2nd weather leg. A guy from another boat called it the "whether leg", appropriately. Overlapped at the end, we had to round in fourth place. However we played our don't-follow-the-leader-card and made some good and lucky decisions that allowed us to look back and photograph before finishing drifting across in 3rd place. In the 24-boat fleet, we finished 12th, ten boats having dropped. What really made my day is my friend, a good sailor in a Merit-25, finished behind us.

Like I said: not much to say for it.


  1. Hi Doc, I was afraid you were hibernating.
    I'm sure you know that two very interesting races (records search) are actually on their way :
    and that leg 3 of Velux5Oceans is gonna start in less than 15 days.
    Wake-up, Cape Horn is on our way !!!

  2. "Not much to say for it" - I can think of a lot worse ways to spend four hours. Envy your warm weather too.

  3. Yeah, Panda. The weather was warm. Our closest competitors were women who were very distracting when they stripped down. They later said they discussed going topless as a tactic. I allowed that may have worked....

  4. Belladonna, The third leg of the Velux will start on February, 6th. I'll see you then & there!

  5. Well Doc, you definitely were'nt hibernating, when I see your answer to Panda.
    See you next week

  6. I have no idea what you are talking about but found it fascinating!

    Personally I avoid the sea at all costs. Full of fish for one thing.

    I'd love to be able to sail and have even the vaguest idea how too....but then again I'd love to have £10 million pounds too...;-)

    Ta for the visit old bean - I've commented on your comment. Valid point you made.

    Cheers old bean.

    I will return and perhaps learn about spinnakers!

  7. No need to talk boats here, Four Dinners. Just please give me some advice on the English Premier League. I was in a panic when I learned last night that the indestructible Samir Nasri was going to be out for three weeks. Happily, I calmed down and managed not to trade him.

  8. You're still in 1st! It looks that way to me!