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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Weather! Always the Fooking Weather!

I hate to cancel a racing date on the strength of mere weather predictions, but the balance of my Crew's Sunday is at stake.

Based upon what I knew at this 0849hrs this morning,
and wanting to maximize fun & minimize risk to all, I felt I had to call it a day as far as racing at that point. I wanted everyone to enjoy the rest of their day.

But now at 1149hrs, closer to when we would otherwise be going down to the boat, how much as the predicted weather diminished?

I'd have to say it would have been quite doable. Damn it!


  1. Perfect weather for a Laser and a wetsuit!

  2. A quarter of a century ago, maybe....

  3. Turns out the race was canceled. Only one boat showed up. Another 'civilian' boat was dismasted in the harbor.