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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prescription for Sunstroke

Dismal race around the same boring buoys again. 4nm course, 2 knots of wind, 2ft swells, 2 hours of sunlit sailing. 15 boats, maybe. Despite a perfect start, we were next to last rounding the weather mark, and passed one boat at the 2nd mark. Fun.


  1. I had a Wednesday like that two weeks ago. Was the beer cold at least?

  2. Being on a sailboat in the hot sun fighting sunstroke in my opinion still beat being marooned in the middle of red state Jesusland.

  3. We had the coldest and most plentiful beer afloat that day, Peter. And Beach, your politics will fit in with the crew's just fine. Only question is can you drink your share of the beer?

  4. Heat stroke is up 50% in Japan this year. It's 86F here today, but some parts have seen highs in the 90s.

    Nice pics. Light. Clean. Refreshing. The beer I mean.