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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Appreciate Tillerman, But .....

not without a little dose of envy!

As luck would have it, I was on a hopeless quest for finding a specific photographic source for an iconic (for me at least) print I've had hanging on my wall since time immemorial. (Yes, this is something I would only attempt on my first cup of coffee.)

So, I was Googling photographic art related to sailing. And, here's what I found:

Of course, I followed the link, imagining Time on the Water had hit prime time.

But, alas, the link led me to my esteemed Tillerman's Proper Course. This is where this master blogger gave these pages an unexpected honor of being mentioned among other more meritorious sites.

But I caught myself before I lapsed into blog-envy: I am of the shy and retiring type. I don't at all aspire to be among the first hits Google strikes on any subject. That's for much younger and much broader shoulders than mine.


  1. I too was surprised to see he's snatched all the Google hits for a picture of a (Norwegian?) goose from my blog. he's just too popular! I'm surprised PUMA didn't invite him as an esteemed blogger.

  2. Sorry friends. This seems to happen quite frequently when I "borrow" images from other websites including my friends' blogs. I assume it is something to do with Google's "page rank" but I'm not sure.

    As for Puma, it's clear that they had quite a different style of blogger and target audience in mind for this Abu Dhabi assignment. And it sounds as if some of the bloggers had worked before for the Digital Marketing Manager at Puma. And they have more followers than I do. So it's no big surprise.

  3. Chill out Doc. You and Tillerman beat out Sailing Anarchy! That's gotta amount to something!

  4. You're not alone - it has happened before

    But yes, my vote would have been to invite Tillerman to go to Abu Dhabi

  5. tillerman, no hard feelings from me.

    I just realize your blog is vastly more popular than mine. and I never really cared for that goose anyway (may she rest in peace).

  6. In your stomach with Lingonberry preserves, M2F?

  7. Join the club, Doc. Is there a sailing blogger afloat whose photos haven't been gobbled up by the great maw of Proper Course?

    Why, man, he doth bestride the blogging world like a Colossus, and we petty men walk under his huge posts and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable links. Bloggers at one time were masters of their fates: the fault, dear doctor, is not in our blogs, but in the Google, that we are underlings.

  8. baydog, I don't believe said goose was eaten, with or without the Lingonberries. pretty sure my folks grew tired of her hissing and scaring the younger grandchildren.