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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Race Even on Our 43rd Anniversary!

Started in 14 knots and suffered for my misplaced confidence that the winds were going to build. That was partially due to instable weather forecasts (thunderstorms). Elected to go up through the straits between kelp and sand again, but having to tack often did not pay off in a breeze falling into single digits.

Shared the helm with Mainsheet Trimmer for the first down wind leg and he did real well. Will do it again!

Trophy Wife enjoyed helming the final windward leg. The only thing I would have done different was to tempt the Merit into a tacking duel. Maybe he would have gone for it after he lost a luffing duel with us on the previous leg. My thinking was we could tack more quickly than he, even if we couldn't match his hull speed today.

We ultimately corrected to 14th out of 15. Doesn't matter: we got the most out of Das Boot that she can give when she's short of wind. Crew celebrated with a couple of rounds of champagne afterwards.



  1. If you refer to 43 years of nuptial bliss, then congratulations. There might be a good analogy there - sharing duties with a good attitude to get your marriage through the straits of life littered with kelp and sand.

  2. Trophy Wife and I agree with you, Keep R.!