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Sunday, November 18, 2012

(Oil) Platform C Race

Today's race was a 11 mile circumnavigation of Platform C, featuring a long broad reach and a long close reach sandwiched between two short beats. I expected heavy/wooly weather the day after our first rain storm left town. Instead we were gifted with warm temperatures and a steady breeze which moderated around 15 knots at an angle which favored Das Boot. Crew was composed of experienced hands used to working together. After rounding the Platform, I was happy to relinquish the helm. Everyone aboard grasps the tactical concepts Das Boot forces upon us. I was gratified that while I was below, unhurriedly munching my delicious sandwich, we held off the hungry flotilla behind us. We finished 5th out of 16 and corrected to the same.

The day was beautiful. Unbelievably, as ever.

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