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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On Coming in First!

Reaching start on port, at the port end of the line. Actually, a near perfect start with only one hull between us and the pin. In the 3-7 knots of easterly, I executed my momentum starting tactic perfectly: on the correct angle to the pin and at a correct distance from the start line I cut off the engine which had given us 3 knots of speed over the ground with a little more than 4 minutes to the start.

Everyone (who counts) was aboard except for Trophy Wife and Mastman. But our combined talent was wasted because the wind could not prevail over the current which sucked much of the fleet in to the Sargasso Sea of kelp next to the cliffs. I promised everyone that when it came time to tack out on port, I would turn on old sparky if 4 knots of wind didn't show up in time. It didn't and we did. We were the first of 15 to see the light and abandon.

First crew to the bar, wins!


  1. Sorry! You were 2nd! We couldn't cross the start line. We had to turn on our engine to clear out from the next two starts. We quit before we started! A DNC beats a DNF! Call it "line honors"!

  2. Congratulations, Doc! On your good sense.

  3. Replies
    1. An engine? Skipper, an engine is what powers the motorized vehicle which pulls/carries your Laser around to its different regattas. Surely you have come recognize its usefulness?

  4. Doc, does it ever blow on the left coast? The wind that is......

    1. It sure blew today! 20 plus knots steady. But I couldn't sail. My crew has to work on Saturdays. And I'm too old to take'er out by myself. I've been in agony/depression all day.