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Friday, August 8, 2014

Eight Bells for Nick Bown

South Devon, U.K.
Nick helped me start a local Laser Fleet in Southern California in the early 1970's. He was lighter, faster, smarter, (and better looking!) sailor than I was. Until the wind came up I couldn't get close to him on the water.

But on land, he was a close, close friend. Loyal. Cheerful. Amusing. Honest. We were always trying to figure out a way he could obtain dual citizenship. We almost bought a boat together. That J-24 from Steve Curren.

I am cheered only in that Nick enjoyed a good and long life and passed in the arms of his loved ones.


  1. Blessed are those who start Laser fleets: for theirs is the kingdom of the vang.

    1. Blessed, especially, are those who (locally) charter one-design fleets. In their search for shared intensity, they are holy men of the cloth.

  2. Dual Citizenship. Arrgh. Why did governments start messing with us about that around 120 years ago? Control of course, but to what end? It goes on today with people trying to establish citizenship in this land or an other. Why should this be so? A recent case comes to mind of a man in the Philippines born to a Japanese father and Filipino mother.

    As Vietnamese expat Le Ly Hayslip said, "When we resist our fate we suffer.
    When we accept it we are happy. Lasting victories are won in the heart, not on this land or that."

    Rest in peace, Nick Brown.

  3. In the blink of an eye, your life can change due to age or disease. Your goals, dreams, and priorities are forced to take different turns you are grateful for the little things, and worry less about the big things. You leave behind the history of yesterday, and determine how you will use today's energy. This is your life, and there is no time for drama.

  4. "I am a citizen of the world. Nation states and their boundaries are artificial constructs designed by small minds to constrain our freedoms to travel where we want and live where we want. When I am dead, scatter my ashes on the ocean so no nation can own me."

    Who said that?