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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Don't Fence Me In!

Why I moved to Santa Barbara: No Fences!

Two decades or so ago, I stole this cartoon of Tom Hachtman off the bulletin board at the old hamburger joint across from the current Harbor Post Office. I didn't live in Santa Barbara then, but this image hung around long enough in my head until I got myself up here!

All four of my dobies got to sample beach life; two of them got to live here!

The alternative was Newport Beach. I could have moved there and retained my job for another five years. But it had fences. It was full of commerce. High rises. Its docks were inundated with huge excursion boats and noisy cigarette boats. Republicans ruled there and erected fences.

No place where a varsity-sized canine could live with dignity.


  1. The good thing about a fence like that is that hopefully it works to keep THEM in so they don't spread and ruin our dog-enriched lifestyles.

  2. love the blog!

    I just sailed into Newport for July 4th - it was quite an experience. Many boats - much chaos. But beautiful none-the-less. And yes, not a great spot for dogs to run free. Im in Mission Bay in SD, which is right next to Dogs Beach - much better!


    1. I spent a wonderful vacation years ago, sailing with my family in Lasers and Windsurfers. Way back in the day. That was before my doberman stage, however!

  3. Awesome!!! I would like to welcome you to our Sailing Community - Clubtray Sailing on