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Sunday, October 5, 2014

If Only This Race Had Been Shortened!

This race was at 2.88nm in length. It took all but one finisher more than two hours of sailing. For the first 90 minutes, there were no wind-ripples on the water. At that point, we had managed an horizon job on the 20 other starters and we had passed through the gate in front of the Race Committee. If they had shortened the race, we would have a Cinderella ending to the day's story.

Then the wind totally quit. I honestly cannot account for what happened after that. Sunstroke? Talk of mutiny. Too much beer and not enough ideas. Boats with electronic wind quides began tacking and we were clueless.

Boats began to pass left and right of us. Finally, wind ripples came to us and we were able to make way & wake, as they say.

We weren't too disappointed. Dazz finish 10th out of 21. Except for skipper's errors, we could have bagged the whole bunch.


  1. Doc, where are the footstraps on that sailboard?

  2. Don't you just love the simplicity of a tiller and mainsheet? Jealous

    1. Yes! I get to sail sitting down! You'll really be jealous when I add cockpit-sized cushions. It won't be a Laser-30 then. It will be a Couch-30!

  3. Clueless is better than being clewless. Next time, bring more beer just in case the race is overly long.