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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wet Wednesday Squall

Here's what happened to 2nd Wind. She may be out of commission for a month or more. But, Thank God, everyone is okay. This stalwart crew was bloodied but unbowed.

For the first time in her long and distinguished career, Psyché's Song, did not leave her slip. I have to confess that her skipper & crew elected to drink the afternoon away in boat and bar rather than set to sea and risk uncertain carnage in winds gusting in the 40's. I think it was good to set a precedent whereby there are known conditions in which we will not venture out in extreme conditions in pursuit of honors at the risk of life and limb. Still, it was difficult to watch. One of our closest competitors, Liz's Diamond, took line honors!

I love our super-light, super-roach, fully battened mainsail. But we have learned we can't reef without tearing it. So, I am wondering if Psyché's Song should also be equipped with a storm main:
  • ¾ hoist (because mast stability is not an issue)
  • No battens (for storage purposes)
  • Sail cloth as strong (almost) as sheet metal
  • Loose-footed (to deploy over regular main which is strapped down to the boom).
Other ideas?

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