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Sunday, November 21, 2010


David, the way I heard it, moments before you surrendered the helm, you commented on what a wonderful day it was. And, that it was. Steve Sheaffer's description of last Sunday's race indicated that "The race seemed to be routine aboard Sea Note" and that "It was a Sea Note type of day."

Such was your ability to reduce chaos to a minimum that I am sure it was. However, two other skippers have told me that those gusty conditions presented them with the most challenging sailing they had ever experienced.

Many have commented that it was right that you passed on when you were doing something you were passionate about. But, I'm wondering, what that could have excluded? You exhibited unbridled passion, enthusiasm and expertise in a whole lot of activities in addition to sailing: mentoring students or ex-students, playing banjo in your Dixieland band, presiding over meetings of contentious yachtsmen, photography - all in addition to being a GR8 family man.

You once told me that you were "all about building and nurturing community". Did I leave out that you were an adroit expert in the art of understatement?
David and I often swapped photos of each other's boats taken while we were racing. My favorite picture of Psyché's Song is one he took. This is my favorite shot of Sea Note during the Charity Regatta, Sept 9th, 2007.

I cannot overstate how much I will miss you.

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