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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Opening Day: 1st Place in 22 Knots...

...And with seas to match. We hit 10.0 knots off the wind. Two guys, ex-crew,  elected not to take their boat out and joined us. I told my sailing guru that I was surprised to have corrected out into 1st, what with a very mediocre (safe!) start and one bad maneuver at a weather mark. He said,
Yes, It may have just been a case where the weather selected the boat!
I'm okay with that. The boat and crew deserved honors if I didn't!


  1. Congratulations skipper and crew alike. 1st is 1st.

  2. Outstanding! But then we expect that from you.

  3. Too much weather for me. I'd wager it was more fun watching what you were doing than doing what we were watching.

  4. "Fun"? Nothing has been said of the wind-chill factor. Might have felt more like death than fun out there.

  5. Take a bow Doc, honours are yours too.
    Best wishes