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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Beer Can of 2011!

I was rusty. Got a mediocre start But the wind strength favored us and allowed us to get back in the game at the first mark. For the first half of the race we had 14-15 knots; but then it dropped to 1-3 knots; and for the last fourth we had a steady 2-3 knots.

We couldn't get the spin to full hoist; I may have to go up the mast and lubricate the shiv. We tried out a new crew. I wish we could have everyone we liked, but it's not a good thing for anyone not to have enough to do. Then you have to trade jobs around. Like I have to give up the helm, for instance. We had three different people on the helm, which gives me a chance to take some photos.

Anyways, we were lucky to correct out to a 4th place in a 14-boat fleet. But the real treat were the colors afterwards.


  1. Did you mention it was 80F degrees? And hotter today!

  2. Wow, gorgeous colors. I also like the "penguin" on the spreader. ;^)