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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Empty Beer Can

We spent three (3!) full hours out on the water this afternoon and evening, with 20 other boats in our class, and never finished.

A perfect start in decent wind with two guests and a new crewman, and lots of beer on board. When the wind shut off, all hands wrestled our displacement through the current and other boats. Competitors behind began switching on their engines. With another boat surviving, we were hoping for first place. Just think of the series points coming out of that! But the SI's had it that two boats had to finish before sundown. When the only two boats ahead of us dropped, we were finished. Er, make that, "unfinished".


  1. Down for the Platform Grace Race?

  2. No. I'm down with a cold. And it's 40 degrees out there. Three boats started so they're making a race of it. I had two very good crew available. I coulda' shoulda' woulda' done that 17nm+ course up and back except for severe cold (30%), temperature 40 deg plus wind chill (30%), and one more abled body crew (30). And age (30%)!

  3. Vitamin Sea, Doc. Or "C".

    Nice pics.

  4. Friday's 17.7 race was shortened to 5.3 knots so four boats could sail it.