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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Beer Can Runeth Over

25 knots in the harbor (in my slip) = 30+ knots on the course.

We were missing a key bowman. Getting the boat back into a down-wind in the harbor's funnel would be risking what crew I had. Two years ago I would have gone out under jib alone, sailing at 63 angle, started and retired. That DNF would have been a very satisfactory result when you consider the series score in a 20+ boat fleet. But I am transitioning into another frame of reference where I risk less of my crew and my boat in order to obtain competitive outcomes. Call me chicken-of-the-seas. I'm down with that! And my Melges days are over, too!


  1. Hey! Look at that 420 with the yellow spinnaker!

  2. Wise move.
    There will be other days to have fun. And you and your crew will be around to enjoy them.