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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Perfect Sunday

How often does it happen that you propose a trophy race, not because you have any expectation of featuring in it, but just because it should be held? And you discover, over the years, that you can never expect to feature in it because it is scheduled during the season when the winds are lighter than the currents? And You conclude that only with an easterly wind at the start, can you hope to do well? And then, that day comes and brings that easterly that you never had the confidence to hope for? And it holds, never veers, and builds from 7 knots to 20? And, instead of managing a screw-up, you attain a horizon job over a dozen boats for 15nm?

Perfection, Priceless Perfection!

Only one thing worried me. 

You know about the superstition about putting away your bats before the last out is recorded, and not getting out of your seats before the fat lady sings? 

Well, here is Das Boot's most valuable player putting on the deck covers before we even cross the finish line!

But even this did not jinx us!


  1. Miracle of miracles: the Dodgers beat the Cards yesterday, too! How often does that happen?

  2. The Dodgers are no longer owned by the McCourts. That's even a bigger plus!

  3. One of those guys sailed the entire race in a Harbor-20 in those conditions. What I heard.

  4. He's at least 10 years younger than I am. Glad I didn't buy into that fleet. Maybe.....

  5. You deserve such a day. May they be frequent.

  6. "Anyone who says winning isn't everything, has never won anything."
    -Mia Hamm