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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally Finished 2nd Beer of the Four Served to Me!

The full crew did drink with me, but they had some Chivas Regal left over by a recent guest; I just drank my normal Silver Bullet.
Speaking of bullets, we picked up another one last night. Not that it will mean anything in the series standing because of what happened a week ago. But it was fun to get out on the water, again, and with the full hard core. With the wind oscillating between 19 and 12 knots, the boat gets the credit. I'll take credit for the controversial gunnel-to-gunnel start and the controversial track on the last leg.I'm glad to have my aggressiveness back. As for the spinnaker set? What can I say? On my boat, everyone yells at the helm which is arguably better than the skipper yelling at the crew.

But what's the diff? After that Full Monty on Sunday, why bother keeping scores?


  1. Jesus, is it cold out there Doc? And is that a knee brace I see on your right leg?

  2. I keep trying to tell you I'm a old coot, Baydawg. What's it going to take to convince you?

  3. Silver Bullet - Asahi Super Dry?

  4. Cold or not the spinnakers look beautiful!