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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Charity Regatta on 9/11

I'm too poor to fashion myself as a philanthropist. But I'm not going to hold back from throwing a little scratch in the pot for the opportunity of introducing some land-lubbers into the subtleties and niceties of our Corinthian sport. Not to mention motivating wealthy donors to reach for their own wallets!

The RC managed to keep every crew and guests in two large fleets in respectful silence for 90 seconds during a missing-man fly over.

However, today didn't offer conditions favorable to promoting our sport: our fleet of 22 boats suffered in 2-5 knots of wind. I would ordinarily love those challenging conditions in a 20-ft one-design, but not while I am abusing my 20-year-old cruising boat by making her race!

We were without spinnaker & pole, of course, so I dragged out a ten year old drifter and we raised that after a crowded start.

In those adverse conditions, it's hard to assess how it paid off.

Maybe it was one of those things you do to fight off boredom and passivity.

We beat some boats we didn't expect to, but saved our time over just six.

Too exhausted to party afterwards!


  1. This is why I chose a trombone over a tuba. :)

    The bigger the horn, the more air required. Same with boats. A Lido 14 will move OK in 1-5 knots. Of course, when the wind is 20 knots plus, you'll be the ones having the fun, while we'll be blown right off the water.

    A drifter was a good idea. Good for you on hanging in there.