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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ending Twilight Series for 2011

Been sailing on every race day without spinnaker. Everyday we go out, I approach sailing with slumping shoulders. I do not even try to martial up a full crew as only a skeleton crew is needed. 

But every day the weather colludes with the boat to produce and exhilarating sail. Same old story: we do remarkably well in super light winds, thanks to the team's efforts, and predictably well in steady winds thanks to boat's and rig's qualities. 

Quandaries of selling the boat with or without spinnaker pole persist. I would like to do a major home remodel, of course. With the proceeds, I could fortify and expand the beach house so that Trophy Wife and I can live here forever with our Doberwoman, even if without a boat for the first time in our lives. But then each day we return to the boat, the beloved vessel speaks up in her own behalf.

Until perhaps today. The wind was 7-10 knots. We had an outstanding start. We were out guessed only by a Merit-25 which miraculously crossed the fleet on port. We rounded the weather mark in fourth and then could only watch as close to a dozen of boats steadily passed us under their spinnakers.

I had forgotten how much I hate looking at transoms.


  1. You feel emasculated? W/o a spinnaker? Pole?

  2. Sounds to me like you need a new (or used) spinnaker pole. Or maybe borrow one. Go for it! And fair winds.

  3. A spinnaker pole shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and would make it easier to sell the boat. Then go live on the beach and if you are frugal with your remodel you might have enough left over to get yourself a 20 footer and have the best of both worlds.

    (I like to dream a lot.)

  4. Sounds like more of a plausible plan than an impossible dream, P.