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Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Race

14 boats started this pursuit race in 19-28 knots. We managed to be 4th to the weather mark but, in fact, we were the 2nd boat to round it successfully. It was that kind of day.

As we approached the reaching mark, a J-109 rapidly overtook us. She was flying the only spinnaker in the fleet today. We managed to secure inside-at-the-mark status.

Given the differential hull speeds involved, I didn't feel like it was anything more than a momentary advantage, and commented that the J was going to be the winner today.
MVP would not agree. He silenced me with,

You can never tell. The fat lady has not yet sung. Don't put your bats away. Stuff can yet happen!
Indeed. In the wake of our flawless gybe, the J-109 spun out. It turned out they couldn't carry their asymmetrical on the 3rd leg's angle to the wind. Of course, I couldn't afford to look back, but my reports were that they had trouble dousing the chute and a lot more trouble threading in their No. 4 blade. Of course, I felt their pain.

By the time we reached the final leg, the J was back on her feet and looked to begin to reeling us in a little; at least enough to give us reason to concentrate things other than keeping our hull under our mainsail. We applied a loose cover, watched our tacking angles and clinched the race by multiple boat lengths.

Very satisfying.


  1. It's not for me to mention names, but one of the boats which plowed into the weather mark is the same one which t-boned a rental sailboat in the harbor. Our buddy was powering in with her sails wrapped when she did this.

  2. I want to race with you before it's too late.

  3. As they say it's never over till it's over. Well done Doc. Nice to see the boats healing over for a change. Looks like a nice work out on a beautiful day. Thanks.

  4. Love the pics of bows. And the rainbow. Well done, Doc.