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Saturday, November 12, 2011

You Can Take a Doberwoman to the Surf but You Can't Make Her Swim.

She actually does swim very well in the flat water of the harbor. Enough, anyways, that I am confident she could manage to save herself in a sea long enough to be hoisted back aboard. But in the surf, she is just an accidental swimmer. My theory is that it is the outgoing under-tow that creeps her out.

My Doberman who preceded her, could beat Labradors through the surf to his tennis ball, nine times out of ten. But then Red October was an Alpha Dog. Ballou is just a Beta Dog. But she's still cool.

Pretty woman. We rescued her and she rescued us right back.We are inseparable.


  1. Great video. She is a beautiful dog. She's having fun, that's what matters.

    You said, "We rescued her and she rescued us right back." Same goes for our dog. Literally wandered into our lives and changed us.

  2. Combination of under-tow and the sudden absence of gravity sweeping under her paws. Poor puppy dog!
    You are a cutey, yes you are.........