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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Japan Tsunami Funds Aid Whaling Fleet

I don't believe this story!

Japan's whaling fleet has left its home port for another turbulent season in the Southern Ocean, this year courtesy of extra money from the nation's earthquake recovery fund. The Japan Fisheries Agency says the trip's use of $28 million from the earthquake recovery fund is legitimate, because it is taken from the government’s own quake recovery fund.

Greenpeace Japan executive director Junichi Sato says it is a massive stretch to link whaling to the earthquake says it's immaterial whether earthquake relief funds funds are derived from domestic or international sources:
It's not related to the recovery at all. . . . It is used to cover the debts of the whaling program because the whaling program itself has been suffering from big financial problems. . . . It is absolutely disgraceful for the Japanese government to pump yet more taxpayer money on an unneeded, unwanted and economically unviable whaling program, when funds are desperately needed for recovery efforts..
I agree.

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