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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I consider that Das Boot has finally emerged from spring training and the real 2013 Season can begin. Two of our highly qualified, perhaps over-qualified new additions have departed for other coastlines and seas. They prepared us for that.

But recruiting has given us (a) a kite-boarder with "no" sailing experience and (b) a mainsheet trimmer/backup helsman with tons of experience.

We're good!

Tonight, the real weather was back again. The forecast of a steady 9 knots max evaporated during the starting sequence to a steady 15-18 knots. On the docks I had been telling peeps that something would be happening. The way the marine layer was sitting, it was suggesting that we could even get a little rain.

With 16 boats on the line, Das Boot busted out in front. I credit that to spectacular teamwork from a OJT crew who were on board together for the first time. We were quickly able to tack off to port and head for the beach. We found the Kelp Straits were all ours, and in these conditions we could tack through them unimpeded like a 38-ft Laser.

Bang! We rounded the weather mark in fourth or fifth, popped the chute with minimal delay. After rounding the reaching mark, the leading Beneteau  underwent an educational experience with its spinnaker and stalled. From there we more or less held our own and finished fifth. We beat the boats we wanted most to beat, except that old Ranger 33 who nipped us in the end.

My only mistake was to promise Kite Boarder her first glass while we were powering back to our slip. I was so sure we were going to correct out for a trophy.


  1. You guys corrected out to 8th place. What did you expect with that?

  2. Whatsa matter with you guys? We trophied. We trophied your asses!