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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Sea Change?

This morning the sun comes up over my
porch & a swatch of sea water, as it does
every morning.
Life intercedes when you're making big plans. Yesterday we were planning to race with Rookie's brother and father as well as two Swedish friends of Mastman. Rookie's brother was supposed to be a V.E.S. (very experienced sailor). But I was only 50-50 on it until Spinnaker Maestro called and said he wasn't feeling all that well. That tipped the scales. Karma wasn't right.

After all, it was (only!) the day after TW's surgery. I wasn't ready to be away from her side, out of earshot, especially for a couple of hours or more. What was I thinking? If I had been on the water, I certainly would not have been thinking about boat tactics or sail trim.

So, what did I do instead? A little housework. A little scheming on my Rotisserie entry in our English Premier League fantasy group. A little shopping for our salmon dinner. A short walk on the soccer fields with Doberwoman.

No, I didn't want to take her along the shoreline where I could have had to watch my friends dueling it out on the water. They would have had a decent 13-16 knot breeze and a very easier time with it, too, without Das Boot to contend with.

Truth is, my right Achilles heel is out; my back is out; and even a walk down to our slip would have been a chore. Plus, we have an offer on Das Boot. It's not at all attractive enough to amount to an offer I can't afford to turn down. Or is it?


  1. ...and all after Sunday's synch-up. Hope that TW mends quickly.

  2. Best wishes. This kind of thing is so unnecessary and easily remedied through diet. I know you won't listen to this advice - so few do (after all if I tell you that salmon is not a good idea for example ...) - but it saved my life so I must at least offer.
    I hope TW recovers quickly, and you too!
    There, I've done my duty.