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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Resumption of My Wednesday Afternoon Job

It's strange.

Once you think you have the hard core crew assembled on a day with perfect conditions, things would gel. But they didn't. The chemistry was missing. Maybe it was my unfamiliarity with sailing with Newman's GPS's VMG readings. Counter intuitive, they were. After years of arguing for VMG on deck they just amounted to a distraction from my seat-of-the-pants feel?

The wind was strong for maybe two-thirds of the weather leg. And then plummeted by half.

Boats passed us, one by one. Especially that lovely C&C under Bob Marley.

We corrected out to 10th out of 15. Not too different from where we finished, I'm guessing.

But the real bottom line is it was not a fun day. Not for me. I can fix my boat, but not myself it seems. Declining energy, physical conditioning. It's just trending to be too much even walking down the docks to get to Das Boot. Wednesday afternoons -- this one anyway -- what I really wanted was a longer nap with Doberwoman.


  1. When it comes time to toss in the towell, you will know it.

  2. How can you have bad chemistry? You have a number of classy chicks on that crew!

  3. Regret for the sails we did with bad chemistry can be tempered by time; regret for the long naps with Doberwoman we did not take is inconsolable."

  4. I think the answer is this: helium balloons. It will make your boat lighter and therefore faster, and even if you lose, your voices will sound so funny you will laugh yourselves silly.