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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Newman . . .

. . . is gone.

Newman's new, undisclosed location
Early in August, Newman joined our crew. He has sailed his last race with us. He has flown out of our paradise and landed into another paradise. He emailed me this picture from his new front porch only this morning, confirming a safe touchdown.

In return email, I reiterated how much we would be missing him, and how much we were hoping this new paradise would work out for him.

After our first rocky race experience with each other, we quickly synched in together. I know I felt more relaxed having his expertise aboard. Das Boot has never been more competitive.

While Newman was on board, I had an experienced skipper with me who could take on mainsheet trim and tactician roles. Not to mention backing me up on helm. He also brought on board his own wind guides and GPS. Experienced with the digital technology of sailing, his second-guessing of my decisions silenced other 2nd-opiners aboard. That's because Newman always had a reason for what he said. And I was gratified to have someone aboard who wanted to win even more than I did.

In a very short time, Newman jelled with Das Boot and everyone aboard. He will be sorely missed.


  1. I don't have the foggiest idea where this is. Looks like it could be yachty, though.

  2. Replies
    1. Close! Even real close, I think. But I am severely geographically challenged!

  3. On crew chemistry, these words are attributed to Webb Chiles:
    "One of my primary reasons for going to sea is to disconnect from the cacophony and ugly clutter of modern society and to purify life into simple elements of beauty.But when I sail away, I enter the monastery of the sea, where I am not lonely and don’t want to talk to anyone who is not on the boat".

  4. Hey Doc,

    Great website; I love your literary prowess. Your portrait of Newman was quite moving. He told me so. Moreover, he said that you and Judy hold a very special place in his heart, sole, and mind. He also added that it was a wonderful, treasured experience - the memory of which will never fade. Holding affection for, and appreciating a racing captain and crew that returns such feelings is far more precious than Gold. Newman asked me to convey his heartfelt best wishes to you and Judy, and he hopes that she is obeying all the speed limits when operating her new mobility craft. Oh, and he further wishes to voice a special greeting to some of the crew of the beloved "Das Boot": the very amiable and competent foredeck/chute master, next, the savvy UCSB guy who was a great knowledgeable seaman/racer who Newman could rely on for useful opinions, and then last, but not least, that very smart & sassy little redheaded chick who could well assist with the kite. They were all a pleasure to race and hang out with; he misses them as well.

    Best regards,
    Newman’s trusted confidant

    1. Anon, please convey to Newman that he is sorely missed. All aboard Das Boot--everyman jack--wish him the best, even more than we wish he were back here, racing with us. Tell him we'll endeavor to stay in touch.