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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Repairs . . . . .

I hate not being able to fix things I am able to break.

Returning after Sunday's race we waited until we reached flat water in the elbow of the harbor before dropping the mainsail. That's S.O.P.

But there was less space & time there because of the wind direction and other returning boats. I was not able to hold my into-the-wind position long enough for the battens to clear the lazy jacks and I jacked-up one batten. Shredded out one Luff-Box. I think that's what it's called. I not only can't fix it myself, I barely can muster the correct nomenclature to describe my problem. My mechanical problems, anyway.

My seamanship problems? Alas, they are somewhat easier to diagnose.

Another problem is that my rigging failure soes not fit neatly into the schedule of my local rigger, who is also having maintenance problems of his own having to do with close friends and family.

So, with a race on this coming Sunday, I don't think I can do what I always prefer to do which is to keep it local. With a two-day delay and working with an out-of-town rigger of very good reputation and helpful attitude, I am hopeful of getting out on the water again Sunday. Not at all certain, but hopeful.

I need to practice my seamanship.


  1. I wouldn't have lazy people on my boat whether they are jacks or jills.

    1. You were there? You saw my crew loafing (luffing)? Did you get names & numbers?

  2. Lazy is as lazy does; that's what Mama always says. Sounds like your boat needs some tough luff. :P

  3. After reading this thread I am shocked that I ever wanted to be a (keel) boat owner.

  4. Luffing so hard I can't catch my wind...