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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oil Platform C? (Not so much...)

The day's race was supposed to be a delicious 10.6 nm circumnavigation of Oil Platform C, subject to wind conditions. Wind was at 6 knots, but steady, at the warning horn.

Despite the day's glorious sunshine, the race committee sadly elected to shorten course to another boring triangle race around the buoys. Dumbfounded, disappointed, and disgusted! That's what we were! The RC was obviously intent on shortening their duties. As for our prospects, we realized our agony at the back of the fleet would be also shortened. Nevertheless, light airs were offset by their steadiness and flat seas.

We had a perfect start but were predictably next to last at the weather mark. Mid-way, Mastman took the helm to the crew's delight. Spinnaker hoist & douse were flawless. In between, we benefited from guest helmsman (Catalina-30 owner fresh in from the East coast) and a guest spinnaker trimmer (M-2). Das Boot worked her way to the front end of the 2nd half of the fleet.

Given the day, a perfectly satisfactory result.


  1. Next time Plat C Race is scheduled, we'll think twice before ordering sandwiches!

  2. Front end of the second half of the fleet!!! That would be a good day for me.

  3. I'm averse to taking orders from committees. Next time, with a friendly wave, maintain your course for Platform C and enjoy your sail and your sandwiches. Who knows, others - Vladimir Shpunt, perhaps - may decide to join you, in which case you could come in 1st or 2nd. ;)

    1. A perfect response: rounding Oil Island C would have also correctly sailed the substituted course (much shorter)! Maybe you could have shamed the RC inro staying hours longer to finish you last!

  4. Good luck out there. Doesn't look like much wind today!