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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Race Committee

Great day on the water today. Well, we were close to the water anyways, giving back to our GR8 Fleet by serving as Race Committee.

26 boats started and 25 finishers. The DNF-er was caught in a crab pot and skipper had to dive with a machete or something. (Haven't got the full details yet.)

I couldn't confirm the reaching mark was in place so I assigned the fleet a windward leeward race, crossing my fingers the sub-9 knot breeze(s) would hold. They did, somewhat. The 4.77 nm course was completed in a little more than two hours. I gave the fleet exactly the kind of course I would have enjoyed, had I been on the water. Das Boot's crew, under Trophy Wife's peerless leadership, performed perfectly. Satisfaction was enjoyed by all.


  1. Great race course. We had a wonderful first leg until the wind died andwe lost sterrage way, and got tied up in a lobster pot. I know 5o shades of gray is the in thing but bondage on the race course is not good. My new crew member who has been sailing in SF, climbed down the swim ladder, tied on a line and dove under the boat to untangle us. By that time we had been caught by the tail end Charlies. We then wandered around the course at the back of the fleet. A crew member learning foredeck decided on his own to change our practiced windward chute drop to a leeward splash drop in the water. But we finished. We sailed with 9 people today when we could have got by with the 4 we had when we won in December. Thanks for being race committee.

    1. You weren't the only one to snag. Skipper on the C-Girl had to go swimming with a knife, too.