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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wyliecat Revisited

Elsewhere in these pages, I have discussed the attributes of Wyliecat-30's. Today, I saw a Classy Ad in Latitude 38 for a Wyliecat. I could not help myself by tossing Latitude without clipping the ad. I not only clipped it but inquired by email.

In return, I received a spec sheet, 21 photos, and a short para detail how much the seller loved his boat for short-handed racing, but that he was retired and intending to go cruising.

I just could not let it be. I responded with this statement:
Hi Tom,

For the last decade I have lusted after Wyliecat 30's and sailed them on a number of occasions. The most memorable was returning Margay up from the Newport Boat Show to Long Beach where her berth was. That I could relax on the deck with the tiller extension in my hands and with my back to the life lines for the timeless trip up without being spelled by the other guy onboard was incredible. This, I knew at that moment, was the ultimate bucket boat for myself (a round-buoy-racer in Santa Barbara), And Dazzler would not have to be renamed! The inboard diesel and carbon mainsail by Pineapple are plus-pluses.

Unhappy for me, my lovely wife could never be talked into downsizing and she has been my racing partner for 44 years! I am retired, too. And in my mid 70's. (You'll never catch me cruising!) At this late juncture, Dazzler becomes available to me a decade too late.

You won't have any trouble selling her.

But I thank you for sending along this photo! (Well, I think I do anyways. . .)

Not sure I should have blogged this. . . .


  1. Old Man, we'll beat you today in your old boat.

  2. Looks like a windsurfing rig on steroids. I wouldn't long for such a thing anymore than I miss not owning a car, a TV, or a cell phone for the last decade. Newer/different isn't always better.