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Saturday, March 1, 2014

2nd Thoughts!

Hey Team,

I normally do not cancel a sail due to weather until we have assembled the team on board and have given ourselves a chance to come to our senses. The reason being that I have learned that the weather is never actually as bad or worse than the forecast. In tomorrow's instance, I expect high seas and winds: perfect weather for Das Boot! But adventure on the high seas is one thing. Adventure in the harbor? Not so much!

I was down there about 90 minutes ago. This You Tube accurately portrays what I saw:

What I think this means is that tomorrow the water in the harbor will not be that deep and that it will resemble a very sandy spinach soup from all of this runoff. I also expect the harbor's channel will be slightly wider than Das Boot's LOA. I am not willing to risk our engine or keel trying to get back and forth to the start line.

So for this reason I am cancelling our Opening Day sail. I hope you receive this notice in time to change your plans!



  1. Harbor Patrol just directed Club to cancel racing today.

  2. Looks like a typical English Spring day.

  3. looks bad for sailing this sunday. The reason the storm did so much damage to the harbor is lack of dredging. They will not catch up soon.what have you heard about harbor opening day?

    1. Not sure I know what you are asking SJ. People are optimistic that the first twilights will be sailed on schedule. As far as the Fleet's Opening Day Race, it will be held in the make-up date in December.