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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skipper's Error

This story is best told in pictures.

This morning, I consulted a weather site.

Got a 2nd opinion. The wind was definitely up.

My rule is to never believe adverse weather predictions, without going down to the harbor and sitting in the boat. Weather is never as bad as it is predicted.

Went down to Das Boot at 0200hrs to check impressions. In the harbor, ship's anemometer measured gusts at 24.

To me, that meant 34 knots outside.

Decided to call off the crew, just to save them the drive down to the harbor and the walk down to the boat at 0430hrs.

End of story: walked down to cliffs with Doberwoman at start time to watch how it turned out: Half the fleet ventured out in a good breeze. Everyone was having a great time.
Looked like they were being rained on, possibly heavily on the third leg.

Wish we had been out there. What is the learning?


  1. We didn't make the decision to go until 4:30. Wind varied from 9 to 19 knots. And yes, we did get a spot of rain going to C-Mark.

  2. L:earning: "Old Man and the Sea"

  3. There is much to be said for a good night's sleep.