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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Woulda finished 4th outta 15 boats had we started correctly. We were both short-handed and late (waiting for crew) for the warm up before the start. In 18 knots we started the wrong start line. Not having recorded a start, we were not rewarded a finish. But gawd were we fast!

Lovely sail!


  1. Don't be embarrassed. We all have done it. Confusing F-Mark for X-Mark or vice-versa. Easy to do in the heat of the battle. Your boat looked beautiful and fast. Be content with that.

    1. Don't let this old fool off so easily. Before long he may become dangerous out there.

    2. Priorities:
      1. Safety
      2. Fun
      3. Performance
      I'm doing okay on the first two.