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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset Cruises Are Over-Rated

Raced the course assigned to us, to circumnavigate Oil Platform C. Maximum wind was 7 knots and the average was well below that. For this 11.4nm race, Dazz was on the water a little under 5 hours. She was among the ten boats in the 19-boat fleet which did not finish. Yes, we quit at sundown. But only because I was outnumbered 3:1 in a incipient mutiny. So, the Dazz had been worked hard and had to be put away wet.

In the dark.


  1. Racing against Danger Zone in wind that light is a joke. We pulled the plug about 3 miles out from the Bell Buoy. Great weather anyway and great conversation. Totally green crew but young and strong.

    1. Had to clean boat up & cover sail yesterday. Sunday was a perfect day for DZ, that's for sure.

    2. We quit while the sun was still up but ended up putting boat away in the dark. I have no idea what daylight will find. We had fun talking but the sailing got very difficult after the last half mile to the platform. We had a totally ugly rounding. However, better out there than doing chores on land.

  2. I guess you're glad you didn't rename this boat "Magic Bullet" or something equally hard to measure up to?

  3. You were in your rights. But you didn't have to luft me up like that on a distance race. WTF?