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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Light Air Pursuit Race

Just under 4nm. Congestion at the start. Two boats were over early, spoiling Dazz' perfectly timed start. But in 4 knots of wind, both of them effectively took themselves out of the race. Passed a number of boats on the way to the weather mark. On the reaching leg we caught the rest of them except for Dazz's sister Wyliecat with her brand new square top mainsail.

At the turning mark, Wyliecats were 1st & 2nd! On the 3rd leg we were caught by a slew of large boats with spinnakers and had to round the leeward mark on their outside. I haven't seen the posted results yet, but I think we held our position against the boats we love to beat. We won a 7th place glass, but the other Wyliecat took a bullet, maybe.

That hurts!


  1. Yes, the OTHER Wyliecat won.

    1. Yes, it's posted now. And I see I lost to the Ranger again. By one boat.

    2. And yet my elapsed time was 27 seconds less than Wabi Sabi!!! Feeling better!