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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One More Time, Maybe....

It was a royal blast to get out on Dazz for the first Wet Wednesday of the year that counts in a series. Except, for us, it didn't count! We have to race two more times before we qualify for a handicap.

Nevertheless, my youngest son came up from Marina Del Ray to sail Dazz for the first time. He, in fact, hogged the helm from start to finish. There was little room for argument: in his hands Dazz crossed the finish line 3rd out our fleet of dozen boats.

Sunny, warm and maybe 14 knots of wind for this 4.5nm course. A good time was had by all aboard as well as family & friends watching from the bar.


  1. There was a new boat, a Jenneau-39 or something, which was racing gunnel-to-gunnel with you for two of the four legs. Then all of a sudden it was like he was anchored. What did you do to him?

  2. I love this sport, feeling like flying in the ocean