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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good to Get Back on the Horse What Threw Me

After having suffered the embarrassment of a withdrawal from last week's twilight minutes after starting, it was tremendous to be back on the water again. Last week the 22 knots was too much for this old man and he acknowledged, early on, that he wasn't "having fun".

Tonight was different. We started in 14 knots, maybe seconds late. Tight squeeze with the yellow boat to leeward. When he tacked in toward the beach, we followed to get clear air from other boats. Worked out well for us and we rounded the weather mark and the reaching mark in 2nd place; that Ranger-33 was miles ahead. The multi-hull and the C&C 40 caught us at the leeward mark, but oh well! Sail trim was better going to weather, but we could have improved on a easing the mainsail a little more promptly upon rounding the weather mark.

Just a question of shifting gears without shredding fingers!

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