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Thursday, September 2, 2010


beyond my control....?

No. I am only responsible for,
  • The remaining hard core of the crew, MVP and Bubbles, going off to Greece on a 1-month sailing vacation.
  • Two boats who locked their rigging in front of me on the starting line.
  • Picking the starboard end of the line to start on despite the fact that it was blowing 18 knots.
  • The fog.
  • Using the foggy conditions and untested inexperience of my transitional crew as an excuse not to set spinnaker. (Not placing confidence in the crew or giving them enough to do is a good way to lose what I have.)
  • Losing my own path downwind in the fog.
  • Not assessing the wind patterns on the last windward leg which clearly would have indicated to any level-headed observer that this day was one of the 5% times when the wind was better (than the current) on the port side of the leg.

The Good Guys got a DFL. But I am the one who should be punished. Thankfully, Trophy Wife still loves me. (Says she does, anyways.)

Then there's Ballou: Semper Fidelis.


  1. I'd like to comment, Doc, but the subject matter is a bit foggy.

  2. You need me. I can set and fly a chute while you steer. The strike may be a little hairy at the leeward mark, but WTF. It's a good puppums........ALWAYS faithful

  3. LOL, Baydog. An ex-crewman used to say, "Put it all up! Let God take it down!"

  4. Belo cão. O ser humano tem muito o que aprender com eles.