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Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Comment about Last Night's Debacle

Except to say....

There's an old saw that prescribes that a man should never own a boat shorter in feet than one is in years. 

I never understood where that comes from. 

The smaller boat, the better for me. 

To be able to sail a boat in and out of one's slip (instead of turning on the ignition key), to be able to tack on the lifts when you see them (instead of watching other boats pick them off), and the capability of refining your boat-for-boat tactics.... 

That's what it's all about.

I miss it.

Here's a boat doing that last night. Owned and skippered by an older dude than I. 

And I am an old fart.


  1. To be able to sail a boat in and out of one's slip (instead of turning on the ignition key)...

    Right Beside the little Disney resort on Hilton Head is a fairly impressive marina filled from very high end sailboats that are frankly bigger than my house down to moldy little things who are sun bleached and showing signs of listing to one side.

    While I would never refuse one of the big sailboats if for some reason one fell into my lap but its damn easy to tell many of them rarely leave the safety of their slip with a few so pristine I don't think they ever have. Many of the older and sadder looking boats always catch my eye and my fantasies of sailing out in open water on a whim and a prayer. They and their owners are the ones that have chanced it all.

  2. Got you on my blogroll, sorry it took so long.

  3. Well said, Beach. I have always believed that a real status symbol is not the yacht in a slip, but a slip that is empty at least a few hours each day.