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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September is Finally Over

Conceptually anyway, if not chronologically.


Gone is the fog, the doldrums, and the pick-up replacement crews. Back were my hard-core homeboys and homegirls, baaaaack from their poorly-timed vacations and medical treatments. Back, also was the steady summer wind and balmy temperature. 18 knots on flat water. What was confusing was that only 14 boats showed up. Had they given up on September? Were they just waiting for October to come?

The Good Guys were 14 seconds late to the mark but on the favored end. After rounding the weather mark we knew we were in danger of winning this thing. Which we did, on a horizon scale. That's what happens when you have the A-Team show up to sail on the same day the wind shows up.

That's when I have a 38-foot Laser under my feet.


  1. At first I thought you used one of my photos
    for this post! Then the spinnakers and no sight of land made me realize that there is at least one other place as beautiful as my bay.

  2. Hey Doc! Finished Leg 2 during the night in 1229th place. The only way is up! See you for the next one?

    No going back

  3. When does it start? How many more legs?