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Monday, October 11, 2010

Back-to-Back Bullets in the Fall Series?

You have to like those numbers: Yesterday's date was 10-10-10!
That's what happens when you have the hard core crew aboard and a steady 20-knot wind. Well, actually, when you know how & where to look for those 20 knots! We discovered the wind tunnel Sunday.


  1. There is no substitute for experience. Not knowing any better I'd say keep the wind at your back..
    Go get em

  2. Back-to-back bullets in the Fall Series. Lead the series by 1.5 points; 2nd in High Point Trophy ranking. But none of this will come to anything. It's all right. Two magnificent days on the water with people I love and boats I admire. What counts is what counts.

  3. Yeah, that number 2 boat will be in the water for the next two races. You're dead in the water. Wait until next year?

  4. Doc, as this is your last post,I hope to be read.
    Congratulations for all these nice pictures of your environment. But now October is nearly off, and what about seeing you in virtual waters, like velux5oceans or route du rhum. Do you like rhum (cuba libre, mojito, pina colada, aso ...) cheers and see you soon