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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Final Mid-Week Twilight Race for 2010

Finally got around to race for an hour on Wednesday in my venue's newest one-design class, the Harbor-20.

It was a light wind after the storm but the surge was still left over. Happily, the rollers left over from the storm were overlaid by a fairly steady 5-knot breeze.

This was to be the last midweek twilight race of the year due to the shortening of days, so the race was just a couple of reaching legs. 

We had the second-best start, and the best 1st leg. So in this six-boat fleet we did well. In fact, we couldn't have done better. Featured is my ex-mainsheet trimmer's boat Fleur du Lis, in 2nd place.


  1. Gloves come off next Saturday, Doc.

  2. You have your work cut out for you on Saturday.

  3. Beautiful picture at the end of the post , but looks like you are far behind the fleet

  4. Yeah, Smilicus, those are other fleets as we approach the finish line at sunset. The difference in lighting makes it hard to believe that all these shots were taken in the same hour on the same day.