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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perfect Day! Imperfectly Scored!

Tonight we had the hard core aboard minus Bowman. Thanks to MVP's peerless coaching, we did better than okay with Newby's hands on the controls. The Good Guys got an excellent start in clear air in 14-15 knots at times.

Had an excellent beat to the weather mark, skimming the kelp fields, and providing for a down-coast current. Now that the Hunter-Legend has a spinnaker, we see less and less of her, and instead find ourselves by ourselves firmly and securely in fifth place: way behind the leaders and way ahead of the followers. Liberty has a new owner who will eventually dial that wounded yacht in. Until that happens, we can work on maximizing our off-wind speed unmolested by traffic. We corrected out as we sailed: 5th out of 15 boats. Forgot my camera. So the shot above of the start was borrowed from Janer of Sailing Anarchy.


  1. Everyone I talked to thought they had a good start. The photo doesn't show that. I guess they mean that they just had a good time. That's usually the case with a steady breeze.

  2. Is that an optical illusion, or does your mast bend that much, Doc?