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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box! Finally!

In memory of Dave, a new perpetual trophy has been minted. And with it a novel race course has been instituted. Not totally novel, but at least it's not a variation of the same ol'wretched and boring triangular courses.

This was a 6nm course with four legs. But we all had to find H-Mark (#3) from a whole other quarter - southeastern - and it was like we were suddenly sailing in a whole other venue. People could not believe their GPS's, which is the way you want it! The Good Guys did okay: 8th out of 20 boats in 15-18 knots. The wind came up - bang! - right at the downwind start!

Now if the Fleet Leadership will just consider some courses with down-wind finishes, we'll have a start at attaining the diversified sailing experience our venue is capable of providing us!


  1. To complete this picture you need to indicate the direction of the prevailing wind.

  2. Maybe from "4" to "5" it was directly up wind. Pretty close to that?