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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happiness Is . . .

Having your oldest son sail a twilight race with you.

I was embarrassed that the wind was not cooperative: it diminished from 17 knots at the start to 10. I was disappointed in my own attention to detail at the leeward mark's sail handling. And, I was enraged that a J-105 flagrantly port-tacked us at the finish line. But, other than that, this was a high point in the summer. Definitely!


  1. Ridiculous but true. Skipper getting embarrassed
    by the wind or weather in front of guests or crew.
    Like we have any control, yet we feel fully responsible.

  2. Guys, I was most embarrassed by that bloke at the helm of the J-105. He should have immediately retired, having forced my son to luff.

    Ordinarily, there would be a full-out protest. My son had to get back on the road and we wanted to have an early barbecue to facilitate his departure. Another possibility is that I am losing my mojo. I hope it was the former case. But in the event it was the latter, I'll double down and make the next perp who takes my water from me to pay dearly.

    This particular got away with a 2nd place finish. He forced my skipper to heave-too right next to the pin. Maybe I should have hailed starboard! The rules don't require that. One would assume everyone in a one-design class to know and follow the rules, and avoid such an especially flagrant violation of the RRS. I am fooking tired of hearing from these fooking elitists that members of handicap fleets don't know the rules.

    Next time...... I am calling bullshit.

  3. The convention is that the yacht owner, as host, is responsible for everything, including the weather.

  4. Actually, that came up. Mystery Skipper told every one that the lack of pressure was due to the fact that I hadn't paid my Wind Tax, and he was going to pay it for me. While my fingers were wrapped around my camera, he grabbed my beer and poured it overboard. When that 'payment' had no effect, the explanation was that I was so far in arrears, his 'payment' never touched principle.

  5. Perhaps wind is not a renewable resource after all. We could be past peak wind already. If so, so amount of beer poured overboard will result in more net wind energy.

  6. Where did you get the GQ model to stand by the wheel? Was he expensive?

  7. Your awfully lucky. My daughter is into horses which don't do much for me. I did send both my wife and my daughter through the Annapolis Sailing School - and we've been cruising a few times but no real interest.

    Oh well. BUT - I have my very own VR boat!!! Finished 878 VR and 273 SO on Leg 2 of the Solitaire du Figaro. It's lonely out there with out you guys. I've had to make new "Friends". Life is good. - C

  8. Friends is what the good life is all about, C. If you ever make a trip out to our left-wing coast, try to reserve a Wednesday in the summer for us. Got a place on the rail or at the helm reserved for you!

  9. What a gracious and generous offer. I'll be out next Wed. - I wish. I am excellent ballast! I know when and where to move. I'm also pretty darn good with a tiller. I think it's my sensitive butt - I can feel the vibes in the boat and can feel how to stay in the groove.

    I'll tell you this - I'll keep an eye out for an excuse to get out your way. My brother used to live in Santa Barbara (a long time ago) but he is long gone. I've got a nephew in LA so who knows. I've never sailed in the Pacific. Might be a kick.

    Thanks for the thought! - C

  10. It will be a kick! Remember! Every Wednesday afternoon during daylight savings time!