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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slo-Motion Sunset

Wind was 2-7 knots, max. Current and chop was stronger and more constant. Great start on port. In the light stuff, we were always passed on the two weather legs and made up for it, somewhat, on the downwind legs. It took us two hours and eight minutes to complete a 2.79nm course. Going to weather on the final leg, foredeck and afterguard argued over overstanding the finish line. Afterguard argued that every time we footed off for more speed, which was as relative as well as marginal, the chop or current tended to slap our bow down too much so that we risked not being able to fetch the lower end of the finish line! We, on the foredeck, were smart enough to let the afterguard have their way: we edged out two boats who did not have our helmswoman's wisdom. They had to tack twice before they finished.

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