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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Loaded for Bear with Chips on Both Shoulders

Other cliches may apply. But the wind again defied lower predictions and was steady at 15 knots. I resolved to find a better angle for my first port tack by looking for space in the center of the line. Starting on starboard, I found such a gate and charged. One yacht my size, which I shall not name, was running the line. I forcefully hailed him that I was coming up. I forced him over the line early and with no regrets. From then on, it was a delightful sail. At the weather mark we were 2nd only to a well-sailed Beneteau 40.7. On the first reach we were passed by the Ranger-33's spinnaker work, but he could not carry it on the 2nd reach and was left deep in our wake. Crew work was flawless, blessed as we were by MVP's return from a business trip. Fun time drinking at the club afterwards.


  1. "...forcefully hailed him..."?

    I was just below you and I could hear you clearly over the water:

    "Coming up! Coming up! Godammit I want my water! Get out of my way!"

    Very un-Corinthian....

  2. Blank (name of boat) was the unhappy recipient of my anger and rage from a week ago. Some shithead J-105 on port almost T-boned us on the finish line with my son at the wheel. I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more. last night our boat had wind in her sail and a bone in her mouth. We were taking all the water we were entitled to. Offenders are to be protested on shore and shamed on the water. You got a problem with that?

  3. It turns out that the boat you forced over early failed to completely exonerate herself; despite the RC's attempt at hailing, she completed the course but was scored as not having started!

  4. I don't personally know the skipper so I'm disinclined to indulge in any Schadenfreude.